Stealth Nighthawk F-117A!

Small pocket-size media center device!

Have you everĀ felt that you are limited to find your media files on your multi-platform devices? Don't you know on which device your specific pictures, music, video can be found? TheĀ Stealth Nighthawk F-117A is a small device where you can find your media files in one spot!

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Play Full HD (1080p) content

Play full HD content without any problems on Stealth Nighthawk F-117A

High-speed WiFi-N

Play your Full HD content with WiFi-N's 150Mbps connection

No need for extra remote control

Control the Stealth Nighthawk F-117A with the remote of your television1

It’s small, lightweight and less cables

It fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere, to your friends, family and etc.

Support for micro SD card

With micro SD card, you can save your content and play it on your device

DLNA and Airplay support

With DLNA and Airplay2, you can easily stream your media to your Stealth Nighthawk F-117A